From Route 22 in Huntingdon

Turn between the Kentucky Fried Chicken and the Burger King on Crooked Creek Road. Drive 1/4 mile to the stop sign. Make a left on Piney Ridge Road and follow the steep, winding road 2.25 miles. Lake Raystown Family Camping Resort is on the left.

From Route 26 in Hesston

Take the road toward Seven Points Recreation Area. At the top of the hill (1.7 miles) make a left on Piney Ridge Road. (If you pass Jimís Anchorage on your right, you just missed the turn). Drive 4.5 miles and Lake Raystown Family Camping Resort is located on the right.

Link to Google Maps

NOTE: Use caution with GPS mapping programs. Many of them lead you off-course after you turn off Route 22 or Route 26!

Use the mileage and directions above once you are on Route 26 or Route 22.

DO NOT leave Route 22 or Route 26 once you are on those routes except for the final 2 streets.

Some mapping programs rename Crooked Creek Rd to Logger Road (the signs say Crooked Creek Road)

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40.453894, -78.045572 

Piney Ridge Road & Family Lane, Huntingdon, PA 16652

Distance from these popular cities:

Atlantic City - 265 miles
Baltimore - 165 miles
Harrisburg - 100 miles
New York City - 260 miles
Philadelphia - 200 miles
Pittsburgh - 130 miles
Washington D.C. - 160 miles
Wilmington - 195 miles

Lake Raystown Family Camping Resort
11601 Piney Ridge Road, Huntingdon, PA 16652
Phone: 814-643-3377
(between 8 AM and 8 PM)


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